Nick Ryan’s “A Lonely Sky”

Dublin-based director Nick Ryan’s new short film, “A Lonely Sky” strikes a chord with me. My brother, father and grandfather are all pilots, so I… Read more

compositing 101

Compositing 101 – If you dont know this it will change your life. Tutorial by Andrew Kerr

Lambo: New Pollution

Lambo’s show open for Fuel TV’s “New Pollution” is a rollicking fun ride. Looks like they’re putting the Psycove to work and having a blast… Read more

Line Rider

Line Rider is awesome!

Mark Okon: W+K Tokyo Lab

Mark Okon did some interesting work while interning with W+K Tokyo Lab this past summer. The following are introductory pieces for an eight-part series that… Read more

Koichiro Tsujikawa for Cornelius

Director Koichiro Tsujikawa has outdone himself with “Fit Song” for Cornelius. It’s a mesmerizing manipulation of everyday objects that has me completely baffled about its… Read more

Fuel Builds a Robot World for Sony

Okay, we’ve all seen several videos of robots wandering around urban landscapes, but this Sony spot from Fuel directed by Sydney Film Company‘s Josh Baker… Read more

Jus To Get A Rep

Jus Rep is Designer Earl Burnley’s reel. A really inspiring selection of top-notch work for Motion Theory, National, Bl:nd, Digital Kitchen, Solid, etc. etc. etc.… Read more

Make Me Human

Make Meâ„¢ is the personal portfolio of Art Director and Designer Bryan Lee, who made his directorial debut with The Format music video that was… Read more

Felipe Posada is Luscious

Felipe Posada recently released his work into the wild via Luscious. A former AD for Stardust, Felipe has a knack for full-bodied compositions buoyed by… Read more

Happy Holidays from The Neighbourhood.

Happy Holidays from The Neighbourhood. A very nice holiday-themed piece is on the latest news page of their website. Enjoy!

Latest Impactist Work

We’ve posted its original incarnation, but Impactist’s “Field Trip” series has a few new additions. Doubling the content, Kelly and Daniel have released not only… Read more