New reel from Concrete Pictures worth more than a ‘quick’ look

I wanted to feature Concrete’s new reel because not only did the humerous twists make me laugh out loud, but it really showcases the talented people at this company which is tucked away on the edge of Philadelphia. Click on the Motion Graphics ‘character’ and the reel will start automatically.

It’s a little unusual, so it’s worth mentioning that the individual works are located in the ‘News’ frame.



love the little skits, but the work was a little “shiny shiny, more bevel, we need more bevel” for me. :-)


what the hell was that. great¡¡¡ :D


great work.. cant say im a fan of the skits. theyre pretty cheese and not even in the funny ironic way. its cool to see a smaller city produce such large work but with their LA and NYC roots/employees I dont feel that its such a stretch for them.


One of the best reels I’ve seen in a long time. Good timing, fun, dinamic…


just finsihed up my internship at concrete and am already dying to go back. in those little walls (well the walls are actually huge!) there are some of the most talented and creativley skilled invididuals working there, so cheers to them again!

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