“Large scale” Kaiser Chiefs video from Stylewar

Kaiser Chiefs video
Wow. This video rocked my socks from start to finish. As cool, as the concept is, I was worried that the gimmick would wear off, but they kept introducing new things to keep my short-attention-spanned-internet-generation mind on the video throughout. Keep your eyes on the little stuff that happens in the city…you’ll definitely have to watch this more than once.



this is more fresh than rolling stones video.
i like both!.

Simon Robson

it’s ok, left me a little cold. Same gag over and over. The toxic waster idea seemed a bit shoe-horned in. I thought that it was going to go somewhere, like the whole city getting polluted or something…but no. Kaiser Chiefs videos have thus far been anarchistic and performance based with loads of energy. This is too sobre for them and required the band to stay still more or less all the way through. Way too serious a video for the Chiefs…


Simon, you gotta relax…. it’s not suppose to change the world, it’s just a sweet video.


I agree with Simon, but I liked the graphics.

Anyone know what album that is off? Google search reveals nothing. Unreleased single?


Wow. That’s great. I don’t know what it all had to do with the song—but that’s awesome work!.


great stuff,on the geek out i noticed that one of the planes comes to a halt just before it goes out of frame,stays static in the shot for like 4 frames, at the end of the video, the shot of the guitarist between the 2 overpasses, the jetthat comes across screen left to the top center. im sure it was out of action safe for broadcast, but who watches videos on television anymore.
let the assault of “who cares, your an idiot” begin.


It would have been cooler after the city was built if a war broke out. Seeing them getting shot in the face with small gunfire and missiles would have been fun to watch.



i dig it.nice song.wouldve been cooler if theyd comped actors instead of animating characters.


I’ll have to disagree, I like the stylized feel of the progressing city…it gives them an entirely different identity than that of the performers


doozers / fraggle rock

oliver m.

allover the place those boring haircuts…
i hope this hype is dead as soon as possible.
don´t like this video, too. adds nothing new
to the building-scenario other than being stuck
or something.



Trunk Guy

I agree this is a fantastic video – very clever and very witty.

The New Kaiser Chiefs album came out this week.

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