Exopolis: The Cove Atlantis

To capture the spirit of the to-be hotel ‘The Cove Atlantis‘, Exopolis produced a promotional DVD that certainly creates a vibe of peaceful tranquility leading to fun in the sun. The illustrative jellyfish art seems to capture my attention; truly Exopolis-style! Generally lifestyle photography is a little too insignificant to me, but for this piece it works. See for yourself, could give some a good insight on how to tackle a promo-DVD.

btw what do you guys think of the revamped site image? I had personally grown a fondness for the old ray-of-light under the ocean image, I’m sad to see it go.






Katie Wilson

I’m glad to see some 3d artists finally made something with this…

The 3d jellyfish forms are taken purely from Ernst Haeckel’s book “Art Forms in Nature” printed sometime around 1900.

It will be interesting to see someone stretch the limits with these illustrations.

Katie Wilson

…well, my mistake, it’s not even 3D… illustrations directly from book to mouth


I am a fan of their work but this one wasn’t up to par with much of their stuff. With that said I think there were some nice moments. You can tell they were working hard with very little footage.

Onur Aksoy

Thanks for that Katie, I was curious of it’s origins and you are spot on! These images are beautiful
I’ve actually got similar images ready for something on my HDD of brains and baboons :)


so, how long did this take? from design, 3d stroke, etc… i must say it’s pretty boring work. looks like an airplane instructional video. is that on purpose?


Not everything needs to be packed with action…. People are so jaded these days…..


On the site update, I have to agree in that i’ll miss the under the ocean dark look. This new white thing is cool, and I’m all for it (i do it too), but just doesn’t seem to pop for them as well as the old.


>>We created a piece that focused on an emotional exploration of the resort,


daniel, what would you have done differently?


Yah. I agree. Kinda feels like one for the meal rather then one for the reel. Too much stock photography shiny happy people stuff. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice, just not pushing the client or the envelope.


for the meals…
the illustrations and transitions are great,
but not so much in marriage with the footage.
feels corporate.
which is fine;
for the meals.


people aren’t being jaded. jaded is looking at exop’s reel and being like ‘that’s whack’. that’s jaded, which is usually a result of watching too many reels in the same time period.

you have to face the fact that even big studios put out quick, mediocre work when they can make a quick buck on it. so would you. i agree with rainer and colin, this is a meal deal.


Heres the thing. Clients like things beyond what a motion graphics artist does; most motion graphics pieces do not address the needs of most clients, so of course, the Cove does not look like MTV. Most clients are about double the age and triple the income of most of the people reading these posts.. Its not a bad piece at all – its very specific, does what it was asked to do exactly as the client wanted it to. It is a successful piece. One of the things Exo does well is NOT have a specific look..


can we get marc macaulay’s opinion on this?


yo, marc macaulay RUNS this biz



Onur Aksoy

Thanks for spotting that Kurt, fixed!


Hi guys. Gotta go to a casting soon (i have a life). I have now bookmarked this site with firefox.

But as far as commenting on this. What can i say. I don’t see a reason why they felt the need to submit this, unless they felt impatient in their bellies to see their name on this blog. We don’t need to submit every crap now, do we? After all do we really wanna see corporate videos spamming these cool blogs?


Who made this spot doesn’t need talent. These illustrations speaks for it self!


Marc has SPOKEN


Marc.. WOW WOW WOW.. don’t they have a blog for 90 year olds who have been doing shitty extra work their whole life? I can probably find one for you if you like.. I think your comments might seem more knowledgable and insightful there. Most people posting on this site are working at motion graphics companies.. busting their asses day and night to push the envelope of creativity and technical impossibilities in this industry.. which you obviously don’t know anything about. Many of the people on these posts either worked on the projects or are in direct competition.. They are making these posts from their OFFICES at their FULL TIME JOBS…. so when you get back from your casting call.. un-bookmark this and look for some out of work actor blogs ok?


come on bobby.. i can agree with marc on this.. i mean why waste your web presense with filler when you’re producing high end jobs left and right.. after all, we LOVED marc in ‘from justin to kelly’.. just check his imdb..


Whew the casting was really tireding. But glad it’s done. I did well.

So guys. We in california love freedom of speech. And if you ask me for a opinion you get a opinion. With so many years of experience i’m sure you can learn something from me.

Also feel free to say hi in my guestbook. I like new friends: https://www.marcmacaulay.com/guestbook/guestbook.html


Now don’t get me wrong. Exopolis did some nice work. Checked their site.

James Yi

And I checked your site.

I had to clear my history afterwards so I would never return.

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