Elegantly executed piece by Heebok Lee

Check out this short film by Heebok Lee, based on a sad story of unrequited love. Visually it is beautiful and emotionally it delivers. I thought I would never see another “coming out of an eye” transition that I liked, but the transition from the nerves flowing from the typography that transition into the eye made it ok in my book.

Lee has worked with Yu+co, Pittard Sullivan, Troika, Wall to Wall Studios and currently Prologue, and he’s got some great work posted here

Thanks to Babe at Spirit Form for the heads up.


Hwang tae

thumbs up!^^


however, the detail is awesome. But the music makes the moment more alive. i love the storyline. great!!

heebok lee

thanks guys.

can you fix the link to http://www.heeboklee.com?
the site isn’t ready yet but still better than my poor school site.


heebok, get back to work.


Great work! I really loved it.


It is great. Is it a school project?


the music is too heavy handed… it threatens to drag down the piece until those visuals really kick in… my god those are some beautiful transitions… my hat is off!!!!! kudos!!!!!!!


it’s really beautiful, love the fish.


Go heebok! we miss you :)


Design in Motion attack!



This is poetry.
Makes me wonder …

I would like to see David Lynch or Matthew Barney, or even Takeshi Miike directing the iPhone add.

Those guys are poets so is Heebok Lee.


I really enjoyed the type part of this piece. I thought you orchestrated that powerfully.

I think the whole middle section is disconnected conceptually from the theme of the piece. It could be entirely the result of cultural barriers but I don’t see how fish swimming around a mountain and time frozen lighting has anything to do with lost love and delicate dreams. (well i guess dreams works but that category fits quite a lot) additionally, using fractals seems tacky at this point in time considering how overused they have been for the past 15 years. these aspects of ‘tread lightly’ seem way to ‘eye-candy’-ish.

i hope you found this criticism to be somewhat constructive, I really did enjoy how you started this piece. I just think it flies off in another direction once you leave the inner poetic space behind the eye.


yussef, considering what you have stated… i don’t see how heebok could find your criticism to be constructive or helpful in any way. some might even say everything in your reel is tacky and overused.


Beautiful work Heebok! I’m not suprised you work for Prologue.


What’s the point of having a comments section if all you are allowed to do is heap praise?

I tried to be as respectful as possible, oh well.

the doctor

Beautiful visuals. I agree with the comment about the music being heavy handed however. Sometimes it seems like people will call anything with a violin in it “poetic”. After the eye transition the intensity of the music makes the piece feel a bit mellowdramatic to me. Visually, I think it is a great accomplishment.


With the volume off this piece is imaginative, strong and compelling. With the volume on, this piece is melodramatic, over the top, and sappy. Never the less, I agree with many of the above comments about the visual/conceptual strengths.

chris thompson

loved it. the world needs less cynical, non-ironic pieces of work like this. beautiful.


Oh really chris. Thanks for telling us what the world needs.

I personally think this is nicely executed but too forced being somewhat meaningful when it rather seems to contain over the top melodramatic imagery and music.


i agree with alot of the comments, i think it is very well executed, and a beautiful choice of prose to work with , but the score is very overblown, and too “cinematic” for the medium, it just doesnt quite sit right with the montage sequences for me, but works well with the more minimal sections.
but a fabulous piece of work none the less, and as always these things are totaly subjective.

look forward to seeing some more work! :-)


I really like the whole thing but I felt that the outside scene (the mountains with fish and lighting rays) to be the worst part of it, the beggining is fantastic and the end too but technically that mountain part isnt up to pair.


great work! I like your group picture in your website by the way… I didn’t know you drink beer? Don’t work too much.


I agree with yussef,
I feel exactly the same way- that happens to be one of my favourite poems and I felt it lost it’s delicate and genuine emotion in a rather vulgar diplay of tricks and technical fireworks instead of taking it’s inspiration from the words.
HOwever, there are some beautiful subtle animation elements here and there, and if that sensibility had been respected throughout we would have a humble and cohesive thing of beauty instead of what feels a bit like showing off.

Shin jae hoon

wow~! beautiful!!


Hey Heebok, You did great job with poem this time like you did with Sky in the school project. I like your movie title from the movie, Superman Returns. Let’s have some beer some time in LA. Seems you started drinking beer from your website picture. Mook :)

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