Castorini are very large, bulky rodents

Castorini are Miyo Yoshida and Marco Ammannati. A site shared by a husband and wife, Miyo, a Japanese interior/production designer, and Marco, an Italian Broadcast design director. They work out of London on a myriad of different projects.


Marco’s side of the site has nice list of projects that he has directed, and in many cases he also wrote the spots, did the illustrations, animated them and did some sound design as well. Marco’s different projects showcase his range with how he can tailor fit his design approach to what the spot calls for, from the simplistic approach of Animal Planet to his pop illustrative approach for MTV.

I can’t speak too much about Miyo’s side of the site, as I have no real knowledge of what she does. Her work feels very fresh and young, she uses bold clean colors and even puts a touch of illustration in some of her work. I am personally drawn to the interiors she did for BBC, Identica Partnership and Bull & JWT.

There are only a few examples of work that the couple has collaborated on, but the thought of a high powered freelance couple out there is refreshing. Bringing back fond memories of Charles and Ray Eames, and what two great minds can do when working in unison.