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This trailer for the short film, Missing Pages, by Jerome Olivier, is an example of beautiful horror. Each shot looks to be a gorgeous study of composition, lighting and color, heightened further with elements of slight animation, that leave the viewer a bit uneasy. Mix that with the great build up to violent cuts that Olivier choose for this, and you got one creepy trailer.

Another point that is very impressive when looking at the quality of this trailer is that it is essentially a one man show. Olivier is the man behind the curtain on this one, having written, directed, edited and animated it. It is a great example of how much further this medium can stretch to than just some pretty graphics. I only hope that the film itself is as good as this trailer.

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I remember seeing something about this a long time ago. Looks really interesting. I wonder if I’d be able to put up with the style for 24 minutes. In the description of the movie they say he dubbed the animation style as ‘fotomation’, which I thought was a fitting name. I guess it’s what we mographers would call 2.5d


Make sure to check out the full, 3 part HD podcast of the movie (just scroll down to the red table and click on either the iTunes link or the RSS Feed to access the files).

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I saw this at the Ann Arbor film fest two years ago and it’s quite excellent. Jerome manages to make the style interesting throughout the duration of the film. There’s an interview that my friend Michele Yamazaki did with Jerome about the film.


I have heard that Animagic Studios ( has been producing some really amazing animations. They have worked with many fortune companies and smaller companies. Keep on eye on them as they are creating some really amazing TV spots as well as 3D animated TV series. Rumor has it that a 3D animated motion picture is in the works too.


it was shown at Maryland film festival and it reminded me of this french movie composed of stills le Jetee also about time traveling. interesting modern visual style using the tools today… great

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