The Old Man and the City


Psyop and their sister company, MassMarket, collaborated on a very polished and imaginative spot for the French manufactured car, Renault. The spot, entitled Fisherman, is about a giant that goes fishing for people in a nearby city using the Renault as his lure. A very simple idea, yet the intricate details and care that was taken in creating this world make the spot refreshingly fun and worth watching again.

As always the spot is extremely well-made, and Psyop/MassMarket make it look effortless. Large vfx spots sometimes have an attitude where they know that they are high end graphics and sometimes they come off feeling too upper class for the common viewer. MassMarket spots have the ability to deliver the highest quality spots, but keep it at a fun level. This is another example that shows that even though Psyop/MassMarket are at the top of our game, they still never take themselves too seriously.

It is also very much worth your time to check out MassMarket’s other spots and begin to realize the far reaching grasp that Psyop has over advertising.

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Jon Saunders

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Marc B.

Jon, maybe you should have a look at psyops mercedes spot, which i d consider as upper class and rather serious. They do them too. Nothing wrong with that either. You cant always go with the ‘fun’ thing. i personally prefer both but it totally depends on the product and target audience. The ‘fun’ thing makes sense with this cheaper compact car but less for luxurious mercedes series.


what’s with all this self indulgent claptrap about the ‘common viewer’?!? why dont you tell us some interesting facts about the spot or better yet, just let this beautiful commercial speak for itself.

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