The Winning Moment by Alphabetical Order


These spots for Nike, by Alphabetical Order, may be more of the same slow motion drama, but they are a good examples of control and finesse. Each spot depicts the winning moment in a competition that, despite their importance to the competiton, only take several seconds. So the entire spots revolve around these “winning moments”, drawing them out to play up it’s importance.

The shots are beautifully lit, and well edited to build up a bit of the drama, but nothing is done to the extent to make the spots overtly dramatic and cheesy. Alphabetical Order also spiced the footage up a bit with the addition of particle flows to add a graphic layer to these spots. Where particles can get overused and a bit tacky, they did them with grace and they only add to the spots as a secondary player, and for the most part, dont become the main focus.

Here is what Alphabetical Order has to say about the graphic addition:

“To give the impression that particles not usually visible to the human eye appears when viewed at these speeds, we added 3D generated graphics and particles, representing such things as streams of air, radiating heat, sweat, water, and dust.”

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