Nagi Noda

Born in Tokyo, Nagi Noda is a remarkably talented director/art director. Her unique vision and craft make each of her projects wonderful art pieces to behold. She appears to share the similar hands on and more traditional approach of Michel Gondry to create her in camera effects, which give her work the extra “how did she think of that?” effect and makes her projects far more enjoyable to watch again and again.


Nagi Noda is now represented by Partizan Labs and has a few pieces up on their site to show, the most prominent being her recent ad for Coke. The production of this piece is mind boggling. There are multiple layers of tricks going on in this ad, like the more obvious use of many extras to create the doubling effect, and then there are the sublter tricks that are a bit harder to put together. I also enjoy the smaller nuances that went into the spot, like the tennis players multiplying on the tv in the beginning, very well done. Not to mention the amazing set created for the shoot with spot on coloring. This ad has not been aired yet, so get your looks quick just in case it disapears from the world wide interweb.

Noda also has her own site called Uchu-Country which she shares with an art director named Yuni Yoshida and a designer named Emi Yamane. Nodo appears to be in charge of most of the projects and works with the other two on a variety of different projects, ranging from print work to fashion design. You can also find additional spots that Noda has directed in her site, including a great music video for Scissor Sisters and the classic short film that we recently posted in the quickie entitled, “FITNESS VIDEO for being appraised as an “EX-FAT GIRL” and a slew of other videos. All very inspirational work and certainly worth some serious time to look through. The site is a bit of a pain to navigate, but the work makes it bearable.