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Raquel Falkenbach, previously part of Nakd (2003-2004) and Lobo (2005-2006) has recently updated her site with a lot of new work. The majority of the new projects being showcased are very unique to her style and are a great source for inspiration. There is certainly a lot of A-list work being done by Falkenbach.

Falkenbach has also recently created Matilda, under which she directs projects with fellow designer/director, Renato Ferro. I cannot understand much of what is actually written on Falkenbach’s site, or Matilda, but in any regard, the work speaks for itself.

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Well i thought i knew the brazilian motiondesigners. but i’m wrong.
This work is really impressive. I’m wondering now how many others brazilian designers we will heard about.
Great work. Its so rare to see girls in the mograph scenario. And to see brazilian girls in mograph, is even more rare.

Parabens pessoal!

Marc B.

Nice. Some pieces are pretty cool, but work better as prints. What concerns me a little is the fact that all of these brazilians have a pretty identical design & motiongraphics animation style. Raquel, Nando, Cisma, Marcelo Garcia, in most cases the same to me. It’s very difficult to make a difference.

If i was seeing this by marcelo and wouldn’t know it was him i’d think it’s done by Raquel: https://www.molho.tv/virtuosi.mov
And vice versa, by seeing some of Raquel’s pieces or cisma/ nando.

I guess i’m just trying to be a little constructive but i definately like it and her website is simple & nice too.


raquel’s work is superb. her animation is capricious, ludic, sensitive, playful, and dramatic at times. ah… she is cute too. :)


Well Marc. I must agree and also desagree with you. I believe you can find a lot of different styles from Brazil. But you are right when you say their work are similars.
I believe reason is because they came from the same companies. They work based under directions of a Mograph Studio, which someway how change their work, and direct the creativity to follow the studio style.

But you can find some good and different work from Marcos Vaz, Renato Kg, Lucas Ribeiro, Marcel Luiz and others… But i understand what are you saying, i also feel the same sometimes.

I believe we brazilians need to work on something to change this. Maybe its a lack of good motion design studios in Brazil. I mean, there so few… You can count using your hand, just one hand.


I think that the work of all this people, raquel, marcelo garcia, cisma, nando etc are almost a backlash of the modernist design brazil had it going for god-knows-how-many-years. everything followed a function – and the asthethics were always second. then mtv, lobo and all of this new designers start doing amazing, beautiful work – but i feels it lacks meaning… and is there where everything *can* look the same. i’m interested where will all of this leads up to, i feels as brazilian design has yet to create something on its own, meaningful and challenging.


Agreed. I reckon the first step is to stop taking these critics personally and see the over all picture for the sake of the design. Time to grow up, innit?

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