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Shilo continues its blitz of new motion work with this spot done for ATTIK’s brand new campaign for Scion entitled “Little Deviant”. A very dark and entertaining spot based around “little deviants” that wreak havok on a city full of conforming characters called “sheeple”. A great and twisted spot, in fact, its a wonder that it made it out into the commercial world without getting too lightened up.

There is also a great site,, where you can find more of the story behind the Book of Deviants and torment the sheeple further.

Book of Deviants

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Jon Saunders

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I like the character design, reminds me of the eyeless creature from Pans Laybrinth. Well, its quite obvious that its modeled after it actually.

Who wrote the script/concept? Attik of Shilo?


I like the look of it a lot.

But is it just me or is the character animation stiff and the camerawork slow? The plot just seems to mumble along also, both visually and in the narrative.

mmm. +1 for style, -1 for not making me want a new Scion at all.


I hate spots that look like video games. Stupid concept.


Wow.. Amazing camera work… great animation.. would like to see a making of…


I feel like this was a personal project they passed off to Scion as a commercial. If you rip the Scion out of it and of course get rid of the current narration, I think this would be a pretty entertaining piece. I think that just kind of throws your mind away from the real story being shown, which is actually fun to watch.

As much as I don’t enjoy it as is, it is still the great quality of work that one would expect from the Shilo team.

Being at art school I understand people’s desire to work their hardest to be a nonconformist. They try so hard it hurts, but Scion’s attempt to target this audience through commercialism hurts even more.


i just think its scary! : )


I don’t care for the spot concept, but is very well done technically.


I think its quite obvious that a lot of time and thought were put into every shot of this spot. It is very entertaining, well designed and the audio track has a great theatrical touch to it. I think its a great job by the shilo team.

Not every motiongraphics piece can be as technically challenging as Psyops “Happiness Factory,” or have design aspects that are as ground breaking as IF’s “Se7en,’ so are we to assume that everything that falls in between these two pieces is ill conceived, tearably designed and a technically a flop? I think this scion spot is a tremendous piece of work by those guys and a great contribution to the motiongraphics community.

Oh and ragnarock, you’ve made your self very clear on and quit articulate on explaining how this piece is “stupid.” Can’t wait for the next brilliant post.


the thumbnail got me clicking, the book flipping open made me think, ok another book open intro, ill let that slide, then the whole video gamey scene. After a bunch of transformer wanna be head slicing look at me I am kill bill crap, a scion pulls up, now i am thinking ok, hot chick, tits and red dress to juxtapose all that tasteless stuff i just saw, but no, yet another thing slicing yet another head off. Ok we get it, heads are being sliced off, anything more to the concept?
Scion drives off and I am thinking, now what? so what?

something nice to say, the ambient occlusion pass for a changed looked good.

Shilo does good work, i suspect its just the concept that was floored.

Marc B.

Not bad. I heard that scion/ attik pays shit for a lot of hard work. Maybe the studios get more creative freedom though.


Haters, hate. Lovers, love. I love.


THA_DON, that is the most constructive post I’ve seen you make. I’m impressed :-)


In terms of the spot. I kinda don’t like it.
I think there is too much violence…and I can’t believe I’m saying that. It just seems like there is no point to it.

The real win is when you convert your opponent to your side, and I feel that is what should have happened here. Not the eradication of the “sheeple” but instead their conversion to the other, pro-Scion side.

AUTO Renegade

I liked the look of the Deviants. Very scary mouths, like Alien or something. However, this peice didnt do much to sell the product (Scion), which doesnt make it very clever as an advertisement. But the animation looked really nice.

Suzan Martino

cute! haha
i don’t know much of international ads, but here in Brazil, the standard for car ad is hot girls, wild country or big cities scenes and, lately, copy of famous movies looks.
so see something like this is really nice!
i loved! :D

XD haha


I thought this was pretty darn good…

I’ve watched this several times over to try and pinpoint everybody’s ambivalence, but I must be missing something. The structure, narrative, narration, pacing, editing, animation, and atmosphere were all strong and cohesive. And it was humorous.

Conceptually, from almost every other Scion spot I’ve seen, it’s apparent that the car is being marketed to the younger counterculture crowd – we all know what this means… trend-bucking, sheep-hating, enraged-game-loving, individualistic-yet-proselytizing, overfed, profane, and frequently-unenthusiastic youth. I think we’ve all been there in one form or another. Now I’m not much of a gamer, but I suppose if it’s referencing current gaming then it’s still hitting its target audience. And I’m not against work that references other art, just as long as the concept justifies it.

Personally, I like this ad for Scion because it bucks the cycle of spots displaying how many millions of ways you can customize the car, and rather, intends to appeal to a group associatively. In short, the over-flamboyant, direct, obvious, visual-distress ads are always fun to look at, but metaphors are much stronger.


I found it kind of disturbing, it was definitely dark and violent for a car branding spot. I liked it though, except for the car part. :)
I agree that the concept and animation were strong, but the car really does seem like a tacked on after-thought.

It reminds me a little bit of the way children’s fairy tale books used to be. Before they were all “Disney-fied” and made squeaky clean (probably starting in the early 80s).

Marissa D.

Scion Deviants Artist – Dave Correia

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