Stardust’s Big Update

The crew at Stardust has put together a major update. Creating a whole new website, a fresh montage along with a long list of new work to display. It is a whole lot of new over at Dust. Coming from an old crew member, its great to see all the fine work that is being pumped out of there.

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Jon Saunders

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Great reel. I dig the older site done by Joshua Davis, but even so, the motion work makes up for it in full. The song is totally classic too. You just can’t beat a reel that has Rolling Stones.


opening / closing logo is super fresh!!!!!

also some great work on there… a few old old old pieces still hangin around though…. but still just awesome stuff


Yea…the logo IS badass!


i dont know about the song choice, seems to be a disconnect between whats seen and whats going on with the audio, miss-match somehow, for me personally, thats just me.

reel overall looks more mature. intro/outro i like, very stardust-y

i guess as tattarn says, “Amazing…”

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