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Dutch creative studio, Onesize is at it again. Their new reel is out and as usual, they don’t fail to impress. Onesize’s work is always very gritty and their reels are always intense, giving something energizing for us to watch midday.

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the new visuals are fantastic, but i prefer the editing, and sound design of the last reel.


wow. thats an intense reel. there is some great stuff in there, if you can catch it fast enough.


Almost too fast for me as well… :-)
But the good sound design and an interesting wrapper(love the serialized connectors) tie everything together really well.


That was one long intro. The editing of the reel was great and all the G4 stuff really lends its self well to the audio track.


damn that was nice. these guys have got the hot shit edit DOWN.


Very nice – love the title sequence. So much to look at.


This is was just the jolt I needed on a Tuesday morning.
These guys have always found the way to add that extra blend to reality and cg graphic elements. well done.


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Onesize=3d tracking kings
Saw them on xplsv 2 years ago and enjoyed watching each project when they updated. Can’t wait to see more.

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