Mr. Gorman’s reel

gorman.jpgOur very own Jon Gorman has just cut together a very nice reel, especially for someone only 7 months out of school. The work he did on his intro, Havaianas and some other experimental pieces scattered throughout his reel display his strong technical skills as well as a great eye for design. The land down unda has some great talent to use (sorry for the Aussie joke, but I had to)Good to see an author at motionographer backing his opinions with some kickass work. Keep it up Jon (other Jon)

About the author

Jon Saunders

internet surfer/designer extraordinaire



that’s some kick ass stuff man!


Fucking cool. Hey jon its HAVAIANAS not havajanas. :)
I know know, portuguese is hard…


Real Nice. Did that song


nice work!


I love the design of the intro, but the way the character moves (while technically good)feels too silly and detracts from the whole of it quite a bit.


Really kool stuff. Keep it up :)


Really impressed by your designs and motion, there’s just one thing that didn’t quite do it for me and that was the cloth-sim a minute or so into the reel. Scratch that out man, until you’ve done something more than a cloth on a sphere :) Too basic to fit into your otherwise spectacular reel! Keep it up!


Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated.

The whole intro is meant to be rather silly, most of the work I do isn’t too serious – so I’m happy for it to be rather ridiculous.

iZO – I see where you’re coming from, and I wasn’t going to put it in either, but people seem to respond well to it for some reason. I look at it as more of a little experiment with shape & pattern as opposed to a cloth sim… and I’ve had enough of editing this thing already ;)


ok, u guys need to turn the ball licking fest down like a million perecent.
I like the outro, thought that was cool. Also liked the thing with the girl spraying stuff and the sandles thing. is this your first reel? Really good start, congrats. :)


Hey Jon, nice work, mate. I just thought that bit in the middle where you cut the music completely and just had sound effects for your skull helmet dude, is very interesting. Maybe you can turn that up a few notches (the sound effect), I was really wanting to hear more of his bones clacking and his roller skates scrape the ‘road’…

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