peppermelon1.jpg Formerly Ohsagas, this Argentinean design firm has re-opened as PepperMelon with a brand new site and a great new reel. They are doing alot of fantastic, experimental work and are certainly worth a look.

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Jon Saunders

internet surfer/designer extraordinaire

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Your work for acampante is great, excelent, super!!!. The nike’s work is incredible and the pictoplasma’s work is very fun.
Go pepper go!


not good, this SUCKED!


yes! we suck and we love u bicycleman! :*

Simon Robson

love the surreal bits in the reel. The hedge animals floating around are a high-point. And enough of the ‘SUCKED!’ comments. Say something useful if you’re going to crit…


Agreed Simon – the MTV spot is chief… great job Tomas.

How about showing some work of your own, bikeman.

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