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One last bit of fun from the OFFF conference that happened this past weekend in NYC is the opening title sequence created by Dstrukt and The Ronin. In a weekend chock full o’ motion graphics, this simple opening, focusing more on beautiful shots, editing and music was a refreshing break. As always with these directors the great audio design was done by Hecq.

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That was pretty cool. They needed to do a spell check though, they had Eric Natz”k”e’s name wrong.


It was so great to see (and hear) this on the big screen. What a viscerally and visually entertaining piece of work that truly represents the perfect hybrid of the sensibilities of these chaps.

Big ups to my UK and DE boys, it was a great weekend. Too bad HECQ couldn’t make it.


@dieLAMB – I agree. Amazing work and an amazing session.


Nice JOB!

I’ve been trying to get this trailer posted to some time with no luck:

I Hope someone likes it. There is a cleaner version in quicktime at this link:

Simon Robson

Great job, I think the soundtrack is first rate, and the synch between audio and visual is great. Well done.


i was equally impressed with this work. it felt referential to other film work about new york, but i think it’s one of their more mature pieces. the cinematic soundtrack had a significant part on the overall feel, and it made my neck hair stand on end, which doesn’t usually happen, so that’s a good sign.

a direction i hope to see continue.


really nice! i love the connection between the sound and the visuals – the rythm really fits well ;)

ah and nice grading btw.


reminds me of the Attik…does anyone remember them?

I am just wondering if the autechre / IDM sound is some kind of unavoidable musical choice for mograph heads when making a non-narrative motion piece?


Negative Forces, Witches and Idolatry by Attik NY in 1999:


It’s hard to try to reinvent the wheel every time. But it’s better to focus on the communication: did it fulfill its purpose, was it fresh, was it surprising, was it different?
I like it, glad to see no symmetry, no floral elements or the usual “hey look we can do complex 3D with Maya/Realflow/Rhino/Boujou so the client is paying a lot.”


Almost claustrophobic …
Really cool!


Those Devoid of Yesterday boys are a real tripod of talent! I tell ya!


Hm, I feel the editing and sounding style of ‘Rubber Johnny’ in this work.

Paul Ducco

very dramatic. lovin’ the edit…the simple type treatment is a nice ‘break’ (in hindsight…as you mention) from the overload of swirling shapes and bright colours.

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