Bonzom’s Video for Mika’s Lollipop

Passion Pictures’ Paris based studio recently gathered 5 young but renowned french animators under the name Bonzom. Together they have created their first music video for Mika’s new single, Lollipop. The video follows characters already established on Mika’s website and transforms them into a Red-Riding-Hoodesque world where what exactly is packed in Grandma’s gift basket comes into question. It should also be noted that this sweet little video is combined entirely of 2D and traditional animation.



wow – really, really good. There’s a neo-yellow submarine feeling to it that works very well.

Simon Robson

i particularly like the bits when the main character is not in it, like the sea section and the bit with the wolf at the end. But overall the animation and styling is pretty flawless…


Love…love love!

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