Federico Saenz-Recio is now on the loose in the mean streets of New York. He recently left Version 2 to pursue life as a freelance animator. From the looks of his reel and the body of work on his site all the motion graphics shops just benefited from his decision.

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“I always have like a million pounds on hand”

no joke, i was watching this reel during “Top 100 songs of the 90s” and while the rachel ray adverts were on.

that’s pretty cool.


Neat, I just watched top 100 songs of the 90’s on vh1 randomly while at the gym and within an hour saw his reel.

Simon Robson

Sorry, but i don’t see what sets this apart from any of the other broadcast orientated reels that are usually posted in the quickies section. Federico obviously has talent, and there are moments, like the stop-frame Chinese dragon, that are strong and original. But overall i don’t see what merits a featured post here…

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