Advanced Beauty

Matt Pyke, founder of Universal Everything and Everyone Forever has now put together a project entitled “Advanced Beauty” with his brother Simon Pyke (Freeform). The idea behind the project is to create visualizations “born and influenced by sound”. Meaning this project isn’t about creating music videos, but rather creating non-narrative visuals that draw inspiration from the audio, or how Pyke has dubbed it, creating “sound sculptures”. Pyke brought together a lot of high quality creatives to jam on this project ranging from artists and animators to more varied creatives like programmers and architects. Some of these creatives being Peppermellon, Mate Steinforth, Maxim Zhestkov, Robert Seidel, PandaPanther and Robert Hodgin. That’s already one hell of a list and its only a small portion of who has jumped on board.

The first release dvd coming out this Spring. Can’t wait to see it.

Low quality trailer here
High quality here

UPDATE: Full-length video of PandaPanther’s contribution (pictured above) can be seen here.

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Sound Sculptures?
Isn`t sound ITself a Sculpture, I mean Iannis Xenakis, Cecil Taylor (Sound Artists) work refers to sculpture but only use Sound.
Yes! I am an Ignorant regarding the subject.

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