Goobees is a fantastic and twisted short film made by four grad students at Texas A&M. In order to not be a spoiler for the story I wont go into much detail, but the basic plot is a dark twist on the core idea behind an already existing ad, yet in no way does this take away from the film. As for style, the 3d renders can be viewed as a bit plastic, but it works for this type of story. I personally had some feelings of nostalgia with the Candyland look they created for the environments which in my opinion bring the dark undertones of this piece to another level. There is something about cute characters getting mangled that really touches my heart.


Seth Freeman-Lead Character TD

Michael Losure-Lead Layout TD and Shading TD

Patrick O’Brien-Lead Lighting and Rendering TD

P. Antonio Piedra-Set Designer, Matte Painter and Assistant Character TD

This film was co-directed and co-produced by all four of them.

Also, there is a great making of section to check out.

Thanks to Meredith Miller for the tip!