Gnarles Barkley Run

Gnarles Barkley is one of those groups that allow us designers and animators to open up our vault of tricks and let them play and sometimes even make a statement. This video makes a particular statement that I am thrilled to declare. The 90’s are finally back in!!! So pull out those dusty old MC Hammer pants and get your over stated geometric patterns and colors ready cause its about to get loud.

But seriously, the way that Happy (not sure who this is yet) directed this spot, they seem to be making a statement about current design by bridging the styles of the 90’s with the present. Starting the video with what could seriously just be a pull from a Tag Team classic from the 90’s and jumping over to the bold patterns, type and animation techniques that are so present in design right now half way through the video, this could be more of a motion graphics essay then a music video. Very cool stuff.

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