Hatch Studios for Ford


Check out the roller-coaster ride Hatch Studios has created for the new Ford Focus. The car is rocketed through an awesome array of Japanese-inspired visuals that feel like a mishmash between the Scion Deviants and The Happiness Factory. It was nice to see the absorbing characters and experimental environments along the ride, when they could have just as easily been sleekly rendered and super-glowy with lots of ambient occlusion. That, along with the killer camera work make this a solid piece.

Directed by Larissa Ulisko & RIchard Rosenman
Exec. Produced by Randi Yaffa
Character designs by Chris Cann
Modeling by Chris Crozier, Rowan Simpson, Abdul Ali Mohamud, Raden Slipicevic
Animation by Scott Guppy & Kevin Vriesinga
Texturing by Marcin Porebski, Steven Hollman
Lighting & rendering by Richard Rosenman
Compositing & design by Larissa Ulisko
Online at Technicolor w/ Alex Boothby
Pyrotechnics by Bondi



They say ‘inspired by japanese design’ on their site – they could’ve also written ‘ripped off Takashi Murakami


Or every page from Graphics Alive, but I think that’s just the aesthetic of the genre.


Mate: taken from the page you referenced “The artist’s little leitmotif, DOB is a Mickey Mouse-like, cartoonish and clueless creation…” I think the commercial was ‘inspired’ by Takashi, not ripped off. The design is Takashi-like would be a better way to say it. Takashi is incredible and whether the commercial was inspired by him or some other artist or if it was original, it’s still a nice piece of work.


I thought that was awful – ironically the one thing missing from it is FOCUS.
the car felt utterly out of place and looked like an afterthought cut out and stuck on a page of vaguely ‘now’designs.
There was no feeling of the pace or kinetics youd associate with the tagline its trying to push … and the graphic styling bore no relation to anything and felt half hearted and heavy handidly done.

The whole ‘ripped/inspired by’ debate seems less of a concern to me than whether it actually works as a piece or ad – too much time is spent on these pages praising styling and rendering techniques and camera pyrotechnics whilst the finished pieces are blatantly soggy and aimless.


I think this commercial is excellent. Are we not all inspired by another artist. The car is brilliantly lit and rendered. The design is incredible. It is a fun spot for Canada. Great work.

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