New Street Fighter Animation

I few months ago I posted a cool trailer for Street Fighter 4 that used the old ink splatter technique in a way that was actually interesting and new. Well looks like Capcom is following that trailer up with a brand new ladies version. This one is a bit more saturated and certainly utilizes glitter, but it also seems like they refined the ink effect as well as reserved the very 2d ink splatter for certain parts creating an overall cleaner animation. Although I enjoyed the editing and shots of the first one, this trailer certainly stands on its own.

Via nofatclips

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Do we still not know for sure who created these?


great edit, composition, action, modelling etc… but am i alone in thinking the weak wishy washy water colour render looks bloomin horrible?


but 1st one is better


Nice.. good job


I like both. Granted the feel is a tad over the top to me, but the execution is nice. Both give off the feel of the opponents battle. The first one was dreary and dirty in the style and line technique because it was just Ryu and Ken’s age old and classic battle, while this one is clean, elegant and refined a battle. Granted the glitter is a bit much to me, but I’m not the cook in the kitchen. Anyway…

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