Conrad Ostwald’s Real Deal Mock Reel

I took a look at this over in the quickies section and it seems too damn good to get put on the side, so here it is.


Conrad Ostwald put together one the most unique reels I’ve seen in a while by creating a montage that mocks what has become the standard these days for professionals and students alike. Ostwald’s reel wasn’t diminished by creating a central narrative, which seems to hurt most reels, in fact it elevates his work and spotlights that he excels in all aspects of animation. He managed to poke fun at how standardized reels have become, meanwhile utilizing this blueprint to display how talented an animator he is.

So way to go Conrad, lets hope that some people become inspired to break out of the norm after seeing this.

Watch it here

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Good to see this moved because this one deserves some attention. This is the funniest most clever showreel I’ve ever seen. Even the music rocks!

Thank you Conrad Ostwald!


good lord…that was some blazing hot shit! that’s one of the best reels i’ve seen in a while.

his work by itself is gorgeous but the wrapper pushes it into legendary status. brilliant work.

love the stevie remix, too.


4 Stars. I laughed, I cried. Take the whole family!


Pure Genius. Very refreshing to see something stick out in the sea of reels these days. Kudos Conrad!


Glad this was moved. He deserves the recognition for pointing out how systematic reels have become in a creative industry. His work is great by itself too.


This is fantastic reel,
so much so, that I would love to see other work from conrad, except, there is no email? and no website?

Great stuff!


One of the best reels I’ve seen.

Marc B.

It’s good because of the mocking. Without it it would be average stuff.

Fun reel.


Nice reel, well rounded…

ps i hate how 3D stroke is everywhere


he forgot to show the occlusion pass!!!
all reels today have it!!! heheheh


Sweet Jesus that was amazing!


Bicycleman whats to watch it again and again. Good work!!!!


Awesome. This proves that a well made up and cut reel is just as important as all the technical skills one has.
But i do miss the occlusion pass ;).



conrad is now my idol B)


# Marc B. says:
March 14th, 2008 at 4:52 pm

It’s good because of the mocking. Without it it would be average stuff.

Fun reel.

could you link us to your reel that’s above average?

nice work fosho.


so so cooool!

any thoughts who remixed that soundtrack?


Who is that Stevie Wonder version by?
I heard something like Towa Tei at the end. Is it his?

Please let me know. PLEASE!!!!!


WTF … this is amazing reel
transations and cuts .. soundtrack

who’s not jelous right now ?


the soundtrack is Don Augusto – is midi wonder
google ‘don augusto’ to get your free copy as i did. thanks to Conrad!


One day i might even learn just one of those effect.
Absolutely brilliant! Loved each frame…


Great idea, great editing, great sense of humour.

The work, however, was so faceless it only served to bolster the joke and not his folio.

Who remembers the joke about 3D stroke, but forgot the one about contact details …


funny shit, nice work!


Gotta agree with griff: This appears to be a real reel (i.e. there are actually work samples hidden amidst the hilarity), but there isn’t any contact info whatsoever. I’m a little confused by that.

Maybe he has more work than he needs, and this was just a fun inside joke for mograph nerds…?


Conrad. You are amazing. You have made us all proud.

Your reel is awesome and for me what shines through is your great sense of humor.



I don’t meant to keep bringing a downer on this, but self awareness is element that makes this particularly praiseworthy.
Everyones laughing at a joke that speaks volumes about the indistinguishable plateau of talent across the industry.

“its funny because its true”


thank you Igor…Don Augusto is on my list now


Is it single person work? I mean, if that’s the case I’m totally out of business, better start doing something else.
I loved the music too, if you like that kind of songs listen to nectarine radio it’s got many tunes in that style


I think Conrad’s work is excellent – however – you tread a think line when you’re mocking the industry that you’d actually quite like some work from…. I hope Conrad gets a great job out of this and makes some brilliant and original work.

If he can avoid the commercial pressures of being forced to include a 3D stroke in every other project by a overly keen client, he’s a lucky guy!


I ‘m mightily impressed..
A lot of fun and engaging..
One of the best I’ve seen in a long while!

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