3:19 Titles

These exquisite titles conceived by Mucho Motion (executed with assistance from Onesize and Rune) for the film 3:19 are in my eyes one of the best title sequences created in some time.

Unique from most title sequences ins several way; the first being that they do not rely on the type as focal point of the animation. Instead the credits are integrated into the world, allowing pure visuals to act as the catalyst. Director Dany Saadia also allowed for some rarely seen integration of multiple animation styles within one single sequence.

With Mucho Motion overseeing the Art Direction of the entire project, Onesize was tapped to create the beautiful 3d scenes and Rune was asks to create the mini 2d animations. The styles are so opposing to one another that I was a little jarred at first and did not understand if the movie had begun or not. Only when Rune’s 2d animation ended and Onesize’s galaxy had returned did I understand that it was all tied into one animation. This creates a small story within the short that acts as an excellent forward to the film and as one of my old professors would say, it adds frosting on an already delicious cake.

After talking with Harm van Zon of Onesize we received a bit of creative background on their galactic mobile. In his words the “title shows a “mock-up” mobile version of the universe, created by god, his “draft version.” At the same time it shows how everything in the universe is connected and related to each other.”

This animation is a great example of how easily an idea, even one as complex as the distant interconnectivity between individuals in the universe can be displayed using the proper visuals. Kudos to Mucho Motion for handling and integrating these two wonderful animation to make this great opening.

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Client: Mucho Motion, Volya Productions
Project: 3:19 main title sequence

Film Director, Writer: Dany Saadia
Executive Producer/Art Director Mucho Motion: Joss Monzon

Design/Post: Onesize, Delft, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Rogier Hendriks, Kasper Verweij
Animation / 3D Design: Ruud ter Haag, Harm van Zon

2D Animation: Rune Entertainment, Toronto, Canada
Animation Director: Paul Wolentezien
Art Director: Peter Nali

Thanks to Jorge Sanchez for the tip!

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Erik K Veland

Is it my facial pattern recognition mechanism kicking in or is there a deliberate cameo of a face in the clouds on the right as it zooms in to earth the first time? It’s visible from around 2:33-2:35 and sort of looks like a young Walt Disney.


I loved the 3D stuff. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Flash-y 2D animation, but I liked how it set up the story. In my humble opinion, the 2D would have looked remarkably better if it were animated in a more traditional style. There probably wasn’t a budget for it, though…


Great 3D visuals Harm. Cool stuff.

Ruud Terhaag

I think it’s the facial pattern recognition. It was’nt the purpose to put some faces in the clouds…

Jason Hawkins

Wow. This was fantastic.

I’d really like to see the film now. Especially if it’s even have as good as this intro.

I’d also love to know how long (and how many people) it took to put that together.


does anyone know the music that accompanies this piece?
its spell binding.


@deanimate: the music is from the score of 3:19 and it was composed by Robin Guthrie (ex-Cocteau Twins). Amazing musician.


Many thanks titus :)
i shall have to see if its available anywhere. although finding any info on the film is proving pretty hard in itself.


@deanimate: fire away any question you might have ;-) . As for the music, it will be available on a soundtrack release in August ’08.


Good story. Here’s some more background information about this project from Joss Monzon from Mucho Motion:


where on earth did you discover that?! google for once is coming up rather short.
Would you at all know when the film might be released on dvd? or if there’s anywhere to download it?

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