Barbecue for Lexus Hybrid Drive

Looks like our fellow German mographers have been keeping busy! Following our latest Deutsch features, this two minute Lexus Hybrid Drive short by Frankfurt-based Barbecue Design is nothing but jaw-dropping elegance.

Created for auto shows promoting Lexus’ new Hybrid cars, the film tells a beautiful and poetic tale of synergy, love and transformation. It is filled with engaging, mysterious moments, backed up by an amazing soundtrack that gave me goose bumps.

Make sure to check out the rest of Barbecue’s work. Some top notch stuff in there!

UPDATE: One of our readers found a quick little behind-the-scenes at the Trapcode Gallery page, apparently the only 3D generated image is the reveal of the drivetrain and the packshot of the cars, the rest was entirely done in After Effects 2.5D using Trapcode Particular and Shine, WTF?! (Thanks, Lex!)

Client: Lexus – Lexus Hybrid Drive
Agency: Deri Design
Directorial Studio: Barbecue design
Music: Michael Kadelbach



Eric B

I love it! Some time I get a little bummed that all this beautiful work is to sell cars though.


Exactly what I thought. All that energy and beauty to end with another generic outline of a car – a bit anticlimactic. Well done though, BBQ!


girl has to pay the rent somehow…


as the church hired michelangelo to paint the sistine chapel so he could eat and pay rent. Corporations provide modern creatives to create beautiful work and get paid too. And to the creatives who use their talent to express themselves, all the greater.

Ken Lee

Very well done…..a little on the long side, but I think it was very tasteful and sophisticated.


A brief behind-the-scene in the Trapcode gallery page here :


“The only 3d generated Image is the reveal of the drivetrain and the packshot of the cars. All other Images are truly 2.5 3D Planes Layered in AE.”

the hell…


That’s wicked, no 3D? That makes it even better!
Thanks, Lex! :-D


Stunning! Both technically and visually, except for the part where it gets to the cars. I though it kinda fell flat there. But at the same time, I’m sorta intrigued by this Hybrid Drive.


Really beautiful work, but what happened in the transition from the organic to the mechanical? Barbeque could have pulled off something so much more interesting than a glorified wipe. “Here’s our cool stuff, oh yeah, and here’s the car we have to sell.”


Yeah, the car reveal was a bit of a jump for me. Still, it was a beautiful piece and knowing how much (or how little) of that was 3d pushes it into the “Holy Shit!” category.


a little long, i started drifting off after a minute. i love the energy, I’ve seen so many lights flying around and going into organics lately. the car jump was a little jarring. I thought that could’ve been more smooth or connected.

other than that. BOOYA!

Fariz Hanapiah

please do a director’s cut without the cars in it


as anonymouse quotes – on the trapcode site they talk about the last car drivetrain / packshot being 3d.. which makes sense. my fave bit is the 2.5d (?) coral / flowers stuff about halfway through.. very cool. Germany pwns AE.

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