1st Avenue Machine: Google Fiber

1st Avenue Machine’s Ben Steiger Levine and Aaron Duffy have created this cute spot for the introduction of Google Fiber. This “car” film takes us through the… Read more

The Chase

Philippe Gamer (Nexus) writes and directs The Chase, a Bruckheimer-esque short with a twist ending. Production by Space Patrol.

The Mill NY for Hallmark: Mother Bird

In Mother Bird, The Mill NY marries a touching story about mother and child with compelling, photo-realistic CG for Hallmark.

Lobo for Fiat UNO

Brazilian powerhouse Lobo / Vetorzero puts out two crafty spots for the relaunch of the classic Fiat UNO. Great design and seamless animation as always.… Read more

Motion Theory Decodes Beauty

Complexity amongst simplicity, and technology behind raw beauty are the building blocks for Motion Theory’s latest hit for Buick and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Directed… Read more

Elastic: Honda “Snow Trip”

In Snow Trip, Elastic stirs up yet another vivid spot in their round-the-clock campaign for Honda.

Lobo: Fiat 500

Lobo gets behind the wheel in this new spot for Fiat 500.