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Heebok Lee recently updated his site with some stunning work that very much proves how much he deserves Cream O’ Crop status. He is currently working as a creative director at design power house Prologue, where his clean aesthetic and attention to beautiful photography and type fit perfectly.

Heebok is one of those especially scary talented types that not only have an amazing eye for design, but also have the technical prowess to pull off top quality animation. Case and point is his short film Tread Softly.

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Jon Saunders

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jsaunders, how is this recent? It was posted on motionographer already like a year ago.


its a site update, new work


He designs and animates all of those titles or with at least little bit of help? Or does he design and creative direct? I dont understand this new buddy cream individual status system.
Nice site.


“New buddy”? I don’t think any of us on the team know Heebok. We just know his work.


heebok is one of the yuco graduates… like a while back (OG). he was there and then went to carn. melon for grad school now back in the scene.

El Gordo

Thats awesome work.
very very nice.


suuupergood reel, best i’ve seen in ages.


um i think the point is…. there is nothing NEW here. at all. see the reel? it says summer 2007.

this is the exact same site, reel, and body of work that has been live for over a year now.

so why exactly are you posting a link to a body of work that has already been linked in your Cream section for a year now? are we just pulling links from that section and reposting now for the hell of it?


the first 6 projects underneath that reel are all new. hence the update.


ooh, Rothermal b1tchsl4p j00!


He’s Kyle’s favorite ;)


Whatever the technique, its still pure unadulterated pretentious kitsch.
Cutting edge pretentious kitsch.

Simon Robson

Textbook m’ographer “hit & run” there: Note the liberal use of the word “pretentious”. Classic. Should be printed out and mounted on the wall for posterity.


the comment “pure unadulterated pretentious kitsch“ is both pretentious and unadulterated, however not cutting-edge. I love it when can’t-dos rip down the can-dos. This work is solid. Conceptually and technically.

john o connell

As an aside I love the voice over read on tread softly.


Beautiful stuff man..hats off to you sir

Peter Stoianov



icecreamsandwich is right.

Heebok is the real deal. he’s one of those quiet types who hides in the corner and busts out just staggeringly great work – effortlessly. he’s also very humble and unassuming. anything but pretentious.


i saw ‘tread softy’ at siggraph 2006. i was blown away by the visual conceptual design, but the melodrama and – yes – overproduced musical background that carries the piece just felt really cheesy, like he’s trying to encapsulate all the hollywood romantic drama into one drop of water – which is okay and clearly what he wanted, i just personally don’t feel connected to it. i felt i was wacthing an ad for Samsung HD Visio or something afterawhile; i think the label “short film” doesn’t apply to this kind of work, perhaps more motion graphic (“experimental”, loosely) demo. it feels fake and too entirely staged, pure entertainment, which again, is probably what he wanted.

direction aside, very top notch control of the craft.




the doctor

dp, you read my mind. though the images and transitions are beautiful and technically on-point it’s impossible to look past the insane level of mellowdrama. I think changing the music would help a ton…hollywood referential or not, it comes across as juvenile and unaware of itself


There may be certain things like music choice that I don’t agree with, but this is just as amazing as when I first saw it, and I love the updated work on it as well. Definitely in a different class than most.


Someone to aspire to.


its unbelievable beauty…~~!!!

he`s Genius!!!


The intro is great! It kind of lost me after that. Escaflowne is a great movie and the music makes this piece.


Can you tell what video is the image in the post from? I couldn’t find one with that flower…
thank you.


who is this heebok guy? he’s good. i know a neebok


he’s a figure of your imagination.
you must be thinking about reebok.

nuff said

don’t mess with the broccoli.

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