Jonas Odell: Ida Maria

Music Video Master-Craftsman, Jonas Odell (co-founder and director at Film Tecknarna) teamed up with Nexus to deliver this high-energy, pop-art inspired video for Norwegian rocker Ida Maria.

This video for “Better When You’re Naked” picks up right where last year’s for The Hours left off. Where the Hours piece was fueled by a theatrical fusion of Damien Hirst vernacular; this one calls upon other Pop icons (namely Warhol with a bit of Barbara Kruger). Despite the fact we’ve all seen many mograph pieces that call upon the devices used in this video, Odell has nailed it. There is a perfect blend of confident precision and innocent, rawness that just feels “right.”

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Matt Lambert

NYC / London


El Gordo

Not my style but I can appreciate the craftsmanship.

reminds me of this old video for Rogue Traders

Matthew Roberts

I like it, very good. DEfo suits the musicical style, with nice retro new wave/barney bubbles era stylings.

I do think it might have been better if they edited all the shots tighter to the rhythm of the music. It’s pretty loose at soemtimes, and bang on in others (Maybe this was intended?)


Matthew Roberts

ooops – typos. sorry.


Great. Odell also made Franz Ferdinand’s “Take me out”

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