The Windmill

What better place to stage a recreation of Don Quixote’s windmill battle than in Holland, where students Heerko Groefsema and Giso Spijkerman are studying Communication and Multimedia Design at the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden?

But this is no tale of misplaced heroics; it’s an updated metaphor of youth vs. the establishment told in compositing and break-dancing, and Heerko and Giso did an admirable job bringing their fun concept to life.

Check out the animatic for to see the evolution of the project.

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Justin Cone

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Pretty good… Any idea what program they used for the windmill?


c4d or 3dsm or maya or blender

Heerko Groefsema

The mill is modelled, deformed and boned in C4D. For the post and rotoscoping we used after effects.

Giso Spijkerman

Yeah what he says :)
Ow man i hate love rotoscoping


Nice work guys. Really inspired.

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