Eyeball: Project Earth

Eyeball recently posted some new work, including a svelt promo for the Discovery Channel’s “Project Earth.” The look of the spot is a welcome departure from Discovery’s usual glossy magazine-ish aesthetics.

The end tag in particular is a handsome bit of restrained design work, sporting some finely tweaked Helvetica and minimalist graphics that suggest complexity without hitting you over the head with it.

James Hitchcock – SVP, DSC Marketing & Branding Officer
Dan Bragg – VP DSC Creative
Heather Roymans – DSC Director, Marketing
Tyler Korba – Supervising Producer
Kevin Lahr – Production Manager
Meghan Beno – Project Manager

Limore Shur- Chief Creative
Jory Hull- Creative Director
Mike Sullo – Head of Production
Erica Hirshfeld- Producer
Mitch Paone – Lead Designer
Jake Sargeant – Designer
Mara Smalley- Designer
Ghazia Jalal- Designer
Jerry Liu- Lead Animator
Ayato Fujii- Animator
Johan Wiberg- Animator
Anthony Jones- Lead 3D Modeling/Animation
Nick Schentinkin- 3D Modeling/Animation
Jin Yu- 3D modeling/Animation
Brian Douglas- Editor

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jerry and that whole crew is the man cool spot peoples


Simply beautiful, I saw this spot last night and was dying to see it again and to know who did it! Thanks Motiongrphr.


a fine piece of work. I love the all of the action playing out in each vignette. lots of love in those details.


Nice work again from Eyeball. They always seem to crank out consistently top-notch work.


everything is nice but the annoying glow


Very nice work Eyeball!

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