Shilo: Mercenaries 2 “Ca$h”

UPDATE: A directors cut with an alternate soundtrack can be found on Shilo’s site. Click on “Directors Cut” next to “Broadcast.”

Working with San Francisco agency Draftfcb for Electronic Arts, Shilo created “Ca$h” to promote the upcoming release of “Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.” It’s a fun spot that feels like it was created with the same wry grin the protagonist wears through most of the action.

Shilo did a great job controlling the pallete and textures to match US currency, as well as borrowing elements from bills to use as architectural and environmental props. The skull-shaped smoke is a great image, too. I could see that on the bottom of a skateboard deck. Or maybe tattooed on a bicep.

Title: Mercenaries 2 “Ca$h”
Length: :30

Advertiser/Client: EA

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb
City/State: San Francisco, CA
SVP Creative Director: Matt Reinhard
VP Associate Creative Director: Colin McRae
VP Associate Creative Director: Tony Vazques
SVP Account Director: Vicki Wagner
Senior Broadcast Producer: Dan Watson
Account Supervisor: Isaac Clemens
Senior Account Executive: Alexis Lovett
Business Affairs Manager: Linda Casson

Production Company: Shilo
City/State: Bicoastal, USA
Director: Shilo
Creative Director: Jose Gomez
Lead Design: Curtis Doss, Jose Gomez
Editor: Curtis Doss
2D Animators: Curtis Doss, Nate Davies, Eugene Gauran Ed Laag, Jon Lorenz
3D Designers: Tamir Sapir, Cody Smith, Blake Guest, Nate Davies
3D Modelers: Trentity DeWitt, Nate Davies, Cody Smith, Blake Guest, George
3D Animators: Blake Guest, Trentity DeWitt, Nate Davies, George Longo
Character Animators: Kiel Figgins, Blake Guest, Jorma Auburn, Bren Wilson
Executive Producer: Santino Sladavic
Producer: Jake Hibler

Music Company: Wojahn Brothers
Composers: Scott Wojahn & Roger Wojahn
Producer: Dara Norris


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like the money aesthetic. music suuuuuuucks. obnoxious.


yeah – the music is killing what is otherwise a stellar spot. i hate the “director’s cut” version of the music, too.

love the subtle money texture on everything, though.


Haha. I liked the music. Catchy tune!
Nice spot Shilo!


I didn’t like the music on the DC, but the added footage and edit is better.


Glad to see T-Bone had a hand in this. Looks amazing guys, great job.


Great work. The aesthetic is fantastic and wonderfully subtle. I’m really glad they went for a pop influence with the directors cut song, not the expected metal. I love the “Oh no you didn’t think I’d ignore an RPG.”


Great work guys. Love the piece. I feel honored I had a chance to work with some of you. Look forward to the next projects coming out of Shilo.

Music makes my ears bleed but I am sure the kids love it. haha


Great work!! Speaking of Ca$h… Mercenaries 2 gave out FREE GAS in Hollywood today. It was crazy. Lines around the block.

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