AixSponza: Red Bull F1 Singapore

To promote Red Bull’s upcoming F1 race in Singapore, Munich-based AixSponza recreated part of the island nation’s pristine downtown area and staged a virtual high-speed test lap starring Mark Webber.

The promo feels as much like a video game trailer as it does a driver’s introduction to the race—a fitting mix for the event and its demographic. Giving equal attention to the glittering architecture and the glistening cars, the cameras swoop dramatically in and out of the action for a cinematic aesthetic that’s epically svelte.

Hi-res version | Low-res version on AixSponza

Production Company:
Peter Clausen Film & Tv

Director: Peter Clausen

Animation Studio: Aixsponza

CD /Design VFX Supervisor
Manuel Casasola Merkle

VFX Director/ Edit
Christian Tyroller

Achim August Tietz

VFX Supervisor
Christian Stanzel

3D- Leadartist
Matthias Zabiegly

3D Operator
John Strieder
Sven Mai
Arpad Beres
Matthias Popp
Gianni Ciotola
Ingo Walde
Jan Haluszka
Christian Förg
Leonhard Akinbiyi

Holger Aumüller
Tobias Szabo

Fabian Rosenkranz

Philipp Strasser
Johnathan Ben Dor

Junior -Compositor
Jan Glöckner

Anne Tyroller
Eva Kunze