Asif Mian “Fighting” for Woodhands

Director Asif Mian and Evaq Studios strike again, this time for The Woodhands new track, “I Wasn’t Made For Fighting.”  Packed with a style and sensibility that ranges from in camera effects to smart usage of household cosmetics, this new Evaq offering proves that Asif is thinking one step ahead. I was able to catch up with Asif and get his thoughts on the production.


“Taking inspiration from the lyrics “one more time” from the chorus of the song, the idea became about repeating the events of a day and subsequently having the guys find out that they can manipulate the (time frozen) people they are meeting again.  This led to a host of ideas, situations and visually abstracted scenes that kept escalating this idea of frozen, manipulated time.  Simply, I thought i could make exciting images using this concept/story and experimented with different techniques. I designed all the scenes and elements … everything was based off preliminary drawings.

As usual, I like mostly everything in camera, so a lot of rigging with fishing line, glue, tape, wire, hairspray and custom made stands & rigs were used to manipulate people and props into the positions I wanted.  So, then the post process was a lot of stabilizing shots, rig removal, compositing scenes and finally, color correction. The video was a combination of directing actors, consistent lighting, art direction tricks and post refinement in order to create and accentuate this distilled mood.  Every element was integral.  Thanks to everyone involved to make it come together.” – Asif Mian

Woodhands “I Wasn’t Made For Fighting” (PaperBag Records)

Director: Asif Mian

DP: Zak Mulligan
Art Director: Danny Kelley
Producer: Rich Hutchins
Production Company: Spy Films

Post Production: Evaq Studio
Editor: Tim Malieckal / Asif Mian
Art Direction & Design: Asif Mian
Lead Compositor: Asif Mian
Compositor: Jack Tiranasar
Animators: Asif Mian, Jack Tiranasar
3D Water Elements: Anthony Maynard



The video was pretty cool.. The post production must have been very interesting and tiring, all that roto and stuff… *grin* Anyway, my officemates thinks the video is awesome… Gotta spread the good news right?


This is a sweet video. I love that final composition. It reminds me of the Nick Knight ad for Alexander McQeen.

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