Mr. Hyde’s Fx and Mat for RBC

Fx and Mat (with Paris-based production company Mr. Hyde) directed this feel-good spot for the Royal Bank of Canada and agency BBDO Toronto. I love the color grading and sunrise lighting throughout the spot. The palette is as friendly as the characters and the easy going soundtrack.

The use of cardinals is also a nice touch. In addition to adding a little whimsy to some of the shots, they create a sense of scale and contrast.

(Incidentally, Fx and Mat worked with recently featured Nicolas Lesaffre on a surreal ad for, which is definitely worth checking out on Nicolas’ site.)

Also make sure to drop by Fx and Mat’s blog where they’re sharing a nifty slideshow of concept art for the RBC spot. (Thanks, Kara!)

Client : Royal Bank of Canda
“Mr Long Legs”

Production company : Mr Hyde Paris @ Curious Pictures NY
Directors : Fx and Mat
Agency : BBDO Toronto
Creative dirctors : Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi
Art director : John Terry
Copywriter : James Ansley
TV producer : Terry Kavannah
Producers : Amélie Couvelaire, Mary Knox
Music : “Mr Long Legs”
Composer : Matthias Pottier
Sound : Amagnasett


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I love the clouds, I wonder if they are 3d or cottenballs.


here is a link to their blog they update quite frequently :

Btw, maybe you could include a link to it in your article ?

Fx Goby

Thanks, it was cool to make the clouds. We made them out of cotton balls that we shaped, lightened and pictured to have the right texture.




Great looking piece! Just fun to watch.
Is it me or does Royal Bank of Canada have some good commercials working for them?


Just checked out the blog. HOLY SH!T
Great body of work! And the illustrations for this spot are fabulous!

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