Velvet for Mattoni

UPDATE: :60 QuickTime version has replaced previous link

Munich-based Velvet Mediendesign oversaw some liquid simulation magic for this astouding Mattoni spot. Sure, it’s pure eye candy—and as a seductive ad for arguably one of the most boring products on the planet (i.e. good ol’ H2O), I think it works splendidly.

According to the details on Velvet’s site:

…the designer wrote their own fluid simulation force in Maya […] The designer then combined several passes of particles in Houdini, created a water surface, and rendered it out using an animated version of Hana as a holdout for reflections and refractions. The resulting particles were then deformed and transformed into liquid surfaces in Houdini, and rendered in Houdini’s Mantra renderer, using the physically based mode.

Additional splashes were done in Real Flow. In order to get such a perfect adaption to the model, Hana was created as a 3D body-scan. In the compositing, some real water layers were combined with the artistic 3d water.

The shooting was performed on 35 mm in 2 long night-shoots in Carlsbad.

It goes on from there, but I want to know who this anonymous “designer” is. I’ve asked for full credits, so hopefully we’ll get an answer soon.

UPDATE: The “designer” mentioned above is Black Mountain Studios VFX, located in Stuttgart. Full credits can be found below.

The basic concept for the ad may seem familiar if you’ve seen these print ads starring Ipanema Gisele Bundchen. Obviously, this Mattoni spot takes the idea into a new dimension—namely, the fourth.

And am I alone in feeling that there isn’t a resolution high enough to do this spot justice? ;-)

You can also watch a :30 cutdown of the spot on the official Mattoni site.

Thanks to Miguel A. Salek for the nudge on this one.

credits: client: mattoni karlovarksé minerální vody, a.s.
agency: mpg srl., italy
creative director: dario mondonico
copywriter: antonio pinter

production: cow & boys, italy
producer: fred turchetti, stefano patrizzi & carlo giudice
direcotr: matthias zentner
dop: torsten lippstock

post: velvet
editor: jochen kraus
producer: julian büchner & gustaf richter
vfx: black mountain studios
vfx supervisor: andreas illenseer
td´s: daniel stern & abdelkareem abonamus
artists: enrico seiler, stephan habel, christian mumba, tobias ott, adam wasierski & nico conte
music: eartha kitt
service production : czech connection

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Marc B.

The fluids are sweet. But i can smell a lawsuit. It’s coming from the wonderful scent of Gisele.


The editing is awkward, looks like it was randomly cut together. And the water thing…not really…I prefer seeing her naked.


I think i’ve read or heard somewhere that “Ideas are free;treatments are not” .So…is there a lawsuit coming? ;|


I agree about the edit being awkward. Almost done intentionally so you don’t see mistakes or something.
Just not quite there yet.


holy shit that editing… seizure inc


just noticed, the spot on velvets homepage has a slightly different and better edit…


Hi Justin, FYI the anonymous designer is BlackMountain VFX in Germany who handled the 3D stuff. The edit was perceived before the effects, and we had no say in it. Velvet has the credits on the bottom of the project page.



Velvet`s version ist much better. Unfortunately still no tits…


Just got a QT of the Velvet version. The post has been updated.


It’s a reworking and expansion of a print ad Giselle did for (get this) beach sandals over a year ago:

Marc B.

No shit sherlock. Didn’t you read Justin’s post?


Did you guys notice where it says BITCH next to those two old ladies sitting down. Its about 3/4 the way through. Whats the deal with that?


Haha! Wow, hadn’t noticed that. How random!


Hahahaha! You’re very observant… *grin*


It`s subliminal and metaphorical in two ways. But basically it means that the watergirl is a bitch. That`s it. Don`t know why, but maybe it`s because we can`t see her boobs. Unfortunately. Hmmm…btw Justin, is it possible to get some work in progress shots? Maybe the raw plates? I would like to study the process…;-)


Hahaha, awesome find, man!


looks as if she’s just got a really awkward sweating problem. Why on earth would anyone want to buy water after this? Still , keeps someone employed I suppose.


You have no idea how many men would pay for this lady’s sweat.

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