Lobo and Vetor Zero: “Gol Lagarta”

Vetor Zero and The Ebeling Group‘s Lobo packed loads of heartfelt character animation into this feel-good spot for Brazilian airline Gol. Backed by a sunny soundtrack, the protagonist exudes optimism—despite the craptastic day he’s having—making his transformation feel like a just payoff.

Take a couple minutes to watch this one several times. Note the tambourine player’s hand near the spot’s middle and the syncopated bounces of the characters on the bus, among many other touches that show Vetor Zero and Lobo’s love of the craft.

The minimal shading of the characters blends beautifully with the urban sets throughout the spot, allowing the spot to channel early animation without feeling like an antique.

Project Title
Gol Lagarta

The Ebeling Group

Executive Producer
Alberto Lopes, Sergio Salles

DIRECTOR/Animation/Post/Visual Effects

Director: LOBO

Lead Animators: Guilherme Rizzo, Alexandre Eschenbach

Modeler: Luis Elias, Karla Ornellas, Guilherme Rizzo, Diego Maia, Moises Braga,
Filipe Lopes, Danilo Enoki, Ticiane Andriani

Animation: Alexandre Eschenbach, Helio Takahashi, Alexandre Martins, Michel Bidart, Vitor Vilela, Marco Antonio Trandafilov, Yuri Lementy

3D Rendering & lighting: Guilherme Rizzo, Alexandre Eschenbach, Karla Ornellas

Texturing: Moises Braga, Ricardo Riamonde, Alexandre Eschenbach, Guilherme Rizzo

Particle Effects: Luis Garrido

Rigging: Richard, Guilherme Rizzo

Compositing: Fabio Acorsi Ximba, José Eduardo Ambrósio

Agency: AlmapBBDO

City | State: Sao Paulo, SP
Creative Directors: Marcello Serpa, Cássio Zanatta

Creative: Renato Fernandez, Marcus Kawamura, Gustavo Sarkis, Eduardo Andrietta

Head of TV: Egisto Betti

Sound Design / Voice: Tesis


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Justin Cone

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absolut erstklassig! ehrlich!


This is me every day commuting on the London Underground. beautiful spot. I wish I can sprout wings and rise through the smog of the tubes…


the technique and execution is awesome, but the concept is kind of lacking/needed more time to build up. So he gets an idea, dials a number and gets wings?

good job lobo, it does look awesome.


It’s an ad for an airline, so taking flight kinda makes sense… no?


taking flight makes sense, but the way it happens, its just too fast. He has an idea which is dialling this number and then gets wings. I dont know, its just a little too simple to me.


Yeah, agreed there. Although that was out of Lobo’s hands, it would have been nice to see some sort of foreshadowing thread throughout the spot so the transition doesn’t seem so abrupt.

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