BTRY : Pause NYC Main Title

The Pause NYC opening titles, created by Battery, deliver an ambient and organic design flare that ends up being high on my inspiration list for integrated typography pieces. The BTRY team also combines a very beautiful ambient lighting sensibility, with a nice juxtaposition of metallic/organic feeling type that blends very nicely together.

HD version is available here.

Pause NYC Main Title ::
Produced by BTRY
Ron Gervais – Creative Director
Michael McDougall – Creative Director
Dave Greene – Visual Effects Director
Steve McArdle – CG Director
John Black – Cypher Audio
Special thanks to – Natasha Nicholson

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very good. ranks high on my list for this year’s top videos. good meticulous detail. i was expecting the last shot to pan out, revealing a baby fetus or something, but i’m glad it didn’t go towards that direction. the quick camera pan at one point would have benefited from a motion blur, which felt a bit jarring, considering depth of field and lense effects were used so well in the rest of the spot.

it would be nice to see a longer version of this idea.


very nice. I liked the delicate treatment overall, and never quite being sure what I was looking at.


Wish I could give it 6 stars!


its still beating my understanding

Matthew Bennett

Auw … very nice, but they missed on some interaction with the flesh and the text
The long thin metal elements look like so many needles.. it would have been cool to have drifts into the skin, and then draw blood, poke ins, etc..

Hmm, I think I’ll rip this off and integrate those elements myself.. might be nice for a spec opening title seq. for a movie about junkies/drug users…


Beautiful. Love the type treatment and needle and thread effect. Love the light glints.


Love it. Theres something to be said for pieces that are willing to create a piece where the subject is simply beautiful and getting to explore that versus the typical a.d.d fly through treatment. And Mathew, good luck ripping this off.

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