Motion Theory Conducts A Natural Symphony

Inspired by the “Sorcerers Apprentice,” Motion Theory and Director Mathew Cullen just completed “A Natural Symphony” for McCain’s chips. This poetic tale of a farmer’s relationship with his land shows him conducting the elements to grow the perfect crops.

The piece’s rich cinematography and subtle effects have become a staple in Motion Theory’s work. Its dynamic choreography should also be no surprise — from the director and studio that brought you the best of the HP Hands campaign and other choreography-driven pieces like Adele’s “Chasing Pavements”.

Yes, I know this isn’t too far from tails of Maestro. But, I think there are enough conceptual and visual differences for the glory of this piece to remain untainted.


Agency: Beattie, McGuinness & Bungay
Creative Directors: Trevor Beattie, Bil Bungay
Creative: Pat Burns, Gavin McGrath
Producer: Lucy Swallow

Production Company: Motion Theory, Rokkit
Director: Mathew Cullen
DP: Claudio Miranda
Executive Producers: Javier Jimenez (Motion Theory), Luke Jacobs (Rokkit)
Line Producer: Tracy Hauser

VFX Company: Motion Theory
Senior Art Director: Kaan Atilla
VFX Supervisor: Bryan Godwin
Producer: Amber Ventris
Compositing Supervisor: Stuart Cripps
Lighting Lead: Charles Paek
Lead Technical Director: John Tumlin
Rigging, FX Lead: Jesse Carlson
3D Artists: Ben Grangereau, Na Song, Jeffrey Arnold, Michael Clarke, Mauro Contaldi, Shiv Dholakia, Chris Logan, Hector Ortiz, Sam Sparks
Designers: Angela Zhu, Leanne Dare, Jenny Ko, Peggy Oei
Compositors: Andrew Ashton, Matt Motal (1.1 VFX), Deke Kincaid, Danny Koenig, Mario Peixoto, Rob Winfield
Matte Painters: Amy Paskow, Ram Bhat, Alan Sonneman
Post Production Manager: Sheri Patterson
Post Production Assistants: Rebecca Lindberg, Allyssa Allain

Editorial Company: String
Editor: Mark Hoffman
Assistant Editor: Greg Kim
Editorial Coordinator: Peter Nelson
Finishing: Danny Yoon (1.1 VFX)
Colorist: Siggy Ferstl (RiOT)

Music: Adrian Sutton
Producer: Blaze Music

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I must say the potato chips ad is very elegant… :)


all these Motion Theory spots based around the idea of conducting orchestras remind me of the part in Pirates of Silicon Valley where steve jobs drops acid and says “IM CONDUCTING CLASSICAL MUSIC!!!” and the colors get all “silly” and “trippy”


read that book, then watch the commercial again. burly.

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