Onitsuka Tiger: Zodiac Race

The Onitsuka Tiger is back to celebrate it’s 60th anniversary, a milestone of major significance to Japanese culture that is laden with symbolism around the “Cycle of Life”. As a result, Amsterdam Worldwide has created a campaign to celebrate the Zodiac Legend of the race of the sacred animals to secure spots on the Zodiac calendar.


Tapped for the Zodiac Race was New York studio, PandaPanther, who once again prove that they are the class of the character design/animation studios. Setting their animation around the hand built Zodiac Race sneaker diorama (that will be on tour in Europe, Asia, Australasia and the USA in selected trade and fashion shows), PP seamlessly mix their trademark cg characters with the environment and polish it off with touches of cel animation. Not to be forgotten is the audio mix that successfully brings all these characters to life and gives just the right touch of odd to make it all work.

Make sure to watch this making of video to see how the shoe was planned, built and worked from for this animation.

Directors cut: here

Onitsuka Tiger

Creative Agency:
Amsterdam Worldwide

Executive Creative Director:
Richard Gorodecky

Creative Director:
Andrew Watson

Copy Writer:
Gillian Glendinning

Art Director:
Jasper Mittelmeijer

Planner (creative agency):
Simon Neate-Stidson

Senior producer (creative agency):
Samantha Koch

Production Company:
Panda Panther

Jonathan Garin & Naomi Nishimura

Executive Producer:
Senju Hudson

Sarah Obermeier
Lydia Holness

Natsu Takahashi

Storyboard Artist:
David Zung

Naomi Nishimura
Jonathan Garin
Ari Hwang
Elisa Riera Ruiz

3D Animators:
Han Hu
Miles Southan
Michael Galbraith
Jeff Kim
Jonathan Garin

3D Artists:
Stanley Llin
Ari Hwang

Naomi Nishimura
Matt St. Leger
Jonathan Garin

2d Animation & Fx:
Matt St. Leger
Jonathan Garin
Ari Hwang

Cell Animation:
Studio: Xebec, Tokyo
Nobuyoshi Habara
Meiju Maeda
Junki Honma

Props and art department:
Junko Shimizu
Naomi Nishimura

Production Intern:
Arwita Adinegoro

Sound Design:
Norman Bambi

Carolyn Taylor

Lighting Assistant:
Juliana Vail

Technical Shoot Supervisor/Rig Operator
Richard Coppola

Making of Video Editing:
Robert Lopuski

In-store Display Fabrication
Studio: Brooklyn Model Works
John Kuntzsch- principal
Jonathan Bozak- project manager
Grant Guilliams
Chris Baker
Adam Baily
Jen Poueymirou
Mike Sukys
Daniel Harper
Marty Chafkin and the crew at Perfection Electricks