Karni & Saul: Float

A few weeks ago, Flynn Productions directorial duo Karni & Saul completed this music video for Flogging Molly’s latest single Float. The video follows a tired and frail stick character as he takes us on an epic journey from city to sea, building himself along the way.

The ambitious scope of this epic saga is made accessible through its simple character’s ability to evoke pathos. Karni, with a background in fashion photography, and Saul with his feet in the world of 3D animation have once again sensibly married their two worlds to bring this piece to life.

Artist: Flogging Molly
Production Company: Flynn Producions
Commissioner: Thomas Dreux, Side One Dummy Records
Directors: Karni & Saul
Producer: Natalie Bayle
Animators: Karni &; Saul, Kostas Koutsoliotas, Steve Brown
Designers: Karni & Saul
Post Production: Flynn Post

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Incredible. That was the most compelling music vid I’ve seen in a long time.
I wonder if the stick character was stop motion for any of those shots? Some just seem to raw to be cg. Amazing work.


*too raw.

I can spell ;)


Yeah, it’s quite crazy… The character looks he has been animated in stop motion. But if it’s the case, the animators must be super fast and super good, because the light stays consistent through a sequence.


its all cg. :)


Yep. Character is CG comped onto photo plates.

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