Sean Pecknold – Fleet Foxes ‘Mykonos’

Remember White Winter Hymnal? Sean Pecknold’s debut Fleet Foxes video with the killer hand-crank star trails shot?

Pecknold (aka Grandchildren) just completed a beautiful new video for the Fleet Foxes track ‘Mykonos‘. The two-triangled hero and his shape-shifting antagonist strike a nice visual balance between abstract imagery and recognizable characters.

The first time watching what caught my eye was the elegant polygonal shapes (jellyfish, birds, castles, rolling water). On repeated viewings it was the story-related details that kept me coming back – the moments where the triangles switch between walking and flying, the man in the castle sending spindly patrolling legs into the forest, the triangle offing the guard and his subsequent tumbling sequence/final battle (or at least that’s what I got out of it).

The video was completed in four weeks using glass plane animation technique, with only two days for post. Check out the behind the scenes for some down and dirty making-of action.

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos
Director/Animator – Sean Pecknold
Artist/Illustrator – Jesse Brown (
Animation Assistant – Toby Liebowitz (
Animation Assistant – Chris Ando (
Art Director – Sean Pecknold
Produced by Grandchildren
Labels – Bella Union & Sub Pop
Special thanks – Ryan Rothermel, Matt Daniels, Miles Tillman, Thad Scott, Mike Ragen, That Go, Britta Johnson, Aja, Greg, Lisa, Smokey, Robin, Christian, Josh, Casey, Liz, Olivia, Joy, and Skye