Fox Sports Design / La Huella: Nascar Underground


Fox Sports Design and Madrid-based VFX house, La Huella, collaborate on a Nascar adventure that gives us a sweet new perspective on racing.  Great compositing and 3D work seamlessly match up the live-action to create some interesting angles and fun shots.

The live-action scenes were filmed by Fox Sports Creative Director, Mark Simmons, while La Huella’s 3D team was off and running.  “This was one of the more difficult shoots we’ve ever undertaken,” said Simmons. “Safely suspending actors 14 feet off the ground on a glass floor was a huge logistical problem.”

This whole concept really lends itself to putting the camera in some interesting viewpoints, giving us some nicely designed compositions and amusing moments (the bolts falling toward camera is a great touch).  It also makes the cars really feel like they’re the boss! Thanks for the tip, Sean.


Title: “Undergound”
Client: Fox Sports Marketing
Product: NASCAR on FOX

Agency: Fox Sports Design

EVP Marketing: Eric Markgraf
SVP/Creative Director: Robert Gottlieb
Creative Director: Mark Simmons
Live Action Director: Mark Simmons
VP On-Air Promotions: Bill Battin
Editor: Kirk Smith
Flame: Kevin Prendiville
Sound Design: Mic Brooling & Jim Mitchell
Music: “World Domination” by Ash

VFX Company: La huella FX

3D/2D Supervision
Jérôme Debève
Juan Antonio Ruiz

3D Artists
Antonio Lado
David Gonzalez
Gerardo Arpide
Miquel Angel Corominas
Vanesa Iglesias
Martin Contel
Cesar Eiji

Régis Barbey
Thiago Dantas
Ricardo Gomez

Santiago Verdugo
David Escribano
Paco Rodriguez

Marga Obrador
Paloma Fuentes



Looks like someone got inspired by the 2004 madrid metro spot :

from the spanish director Gabe Ibañes


Self inspiration actually,

but i dont mind them recycling this as long as it looks this good, they deserve their money


Self inspiration? Its done by two different companies is it not. Not dogging it it looks awesome. It’s pretty much the same spot though.


Same company guys, La huella VFX



Marc B.

Maybe same VFX company but different creatives and client.


I saw Metro de Madrid in 2006 and was brilliant, I think it doesn’t matter. This work could have the same vfx concept but the entire work is still awesome and unique. Do you think I’m not selfinspiration If I do a commercial where I use a PP shot of a girl and then another director does another comercial where he uses a PP shot with another girl too?? Shut up everyone!!


you can´t compare with a shot of a girl. This concept is unusual.
For me the agency wanted so hard to copy the concept that hired the same VFX company to make the spot. And then La Huella made AGAIN a good job , but sorry the agency is not creative at all.


They do creative in house I believe. I don’t think an agency came up with the idea. It looks great but far from original.

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