Sehsucht’s T&A Rorschachs

Ok, I’m as over the ink stuff as the next guy. However; I had make this spot for Beat Uhse, by Sehsucht, a full post if for nothing more than idea alone. For sake of not ruining the simple gag, just give it a watch.

I suppose it could be not safe for work if you’re in the US. But, a nice reminder of how much more open European media is to sexuality.

Client: Beate Uhse
Agency: kempertrautmann
Creative Director: Mathias Lamken
Art Director: Mathias Lamken, Simon Jasper Philipp
Account Manager: Biljana Retzlik, Jacqueline Koch
Production Company: SEHSUCHT GmbH
Director: SEHSUCHT | Martin Hess, Ole Peters
Design: kempertrautmann | Mathias Lamken / SEHSUCHT | Martin Hess, Ole Peters
Illustrator: Christian Endres, Mathias Lamken, Marita Löcmele, Simon Jasper Philipp
3D: SEHSUCHT | Heinrich Löwe
Compositing: SEHSUCHT | Martin Hess, Hans-Christoph Schultheiß
Producer: SEHSUCHT | Stephan Reinsch
Record Company/Music/Sound Design: Thomas Kisser

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Matt Lambert

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meh. old idea, new execution.
which actually was ripped from another commercial which i cant find atm.


I love it regardless of where they got their ideas from… good stuff

I’m in the US and still watched it at work…. a nice reminder of how daring I am!



ZZzzzZZZzzz old idea….

hmm sehsucht love ink :)


The idea might be “old,” but it’s one of those ideas that sounds great on paper and is nearly impossible to execute well on the screen. For pulling it off when no one else has (including the examples above), they deserve every bit of attention they can get.


eh. prefer the gnarls barkley video to this. a lot.


so? who cares about what you prefer?

Good post, I liked it a lot. Clever and well executed. Made me laugh, that and the links posted on you tube.

I would love to see ppl stop complaining at every freaking post that its a rip of.


To elaborate on Mr. Cone’s comments:

Yes, I’ve seen ink a million times. Blind, Psyop, Sehsucht and others have killed it in the past. Also, when I was 12 we’d draw faces that starts out looking like sexual imagery.

Saying that, the Rorschach technique takes a new twist when playing upon childrens’ perceptions versus those of adults. The end tag is what sells it.

It was also worth the post since for the simple fact that we’d never see a commercial with this kind of imagery in the US.


Lets face it, agencies are usually not very original, they just see the $$$ and it’s more profitable to just copy someone else’s idea. Sehsucht has done a great job with the execution but I doubt they had a word in the concept. Unless things over there are different from over here.


You people who discredit and hate everything that everyone makes is the reason why motiongraphy has so few fresh ideas every year. you spend your time battling each other on blogs and posts like aggressive nerds instead of just appreciating it for what it is, a piece of art, it’s that simple, nothing needs to be broken down a thousand times over. why does one make something? because they feel like it.

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