So Me: Kid Cudi “Day ‘N’ Nite”

Although he’s been working hard at Ed Banger Records for some time,  So Me launched into wider view with his work on the “D.A.N.C.E.” music video for JUSTICE.

His hand-drawn illustration style, penchant for retro typography and undeniable hipster appeal have helped So Me become a sought-after name nearly overight. Amidst cries of “sell out,” he even teamed up with JUSTICE to create a bottle design for Coke. (The accompanying video has been pulled from YouTube and every other video-sharing service.)

But stardom aside, So Me’s music video for Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Night” feels homegrown and from the heart. It’s rough around the edges but full of imagination and charming visuals. The melange of daydream imagery is oddly compelling—like a mashup from a coloring book and a smoke-out. Fitting and fun for the subject at hand.

Paris-based Mathematic also deserves a shout-out for their work on the animation and post-production for this project.

Thanks to Johnny for the tip!


Director : So-Me
DOP : Arnaud Potier
Producer : Mourad Belkeddar
Production company : El Niño

Animation and post-production: Mathematic
Post-production supervisor : Guillaume Larose
Head of animation: Yue WU (at UFO)
Flame and After Effects: Clement Germain, Arnaud Ecobichon and Vince
3D artist: Clement