OJOVIVO: Teatro Melies


OJOVIVO builds a surreal dreamscape in this opener for the Teatro Melies pilot

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absolutely beautiful, can someone tell me what “melies” means?


It’s probably a reference to the pioneer filmmaker, George Melies. I’ll ask the creators…


Hi! this is the opening of a films tv show called “teatro melies”… search “george melies” on google and you’ll find out more about him.


Very nice! Reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins: TONIGHT video, which reminds me of MELIES, Le Voyage dans la lune; 1902, which is what it’s suppose to do right? Beautiful work.


Geoges Melies was a french pioneer in the early days of 1900. People refer to him as one of the first to have experimented with special effects, composting and science fiction. The Smashing Pumpkinks video was a great homage to the movie “A trip to the moon”. Many directors of today have revisited and be inspired by the creative visuals of Melies.
There is a descent video quality of Georges Melies “trip to the moon” with some… strange music on Vimeo:

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