Tes Uno video by le-sexie

Cool video for Tes Uno’s song “Nada” by Brooklyn based studio Sexie….oh and introducing the new Brooklyn based studio Sexie!

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don`t know what`s wrong but the video looks totally f..cked up and causes the player to freeze or shutdown…anyone else having this problem?


I dunno I geuss I kept watching because I was hoping there would be something about this that grabbed me…Seriously tho it’s like a bad movie that’s summed up in a :30 trailer. the still above pretty much sums it up. Not to mention that the song is… not so easy on the ears. I’ll give credit on the “lightning” effect track…I’m sure that took some time. Overall poor marks on direction.


video is jacked on my system


not sure what the problem is with the other people but my video works fine.
Its a cool little spot that is subtle in the FX, it goes well with the track i think being minimal. Im sure it wasnt an expensive clip as its only one setup, and i like what Sexie did with im sure not a lot to work with! Many of todays video clips are 6 to 7 Sets or locations etc. So props to them for making a tidy piece!

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