F5 RE:PLAY Film Festival: Batch Two

As promised, here’s the second batch of films from the F5 RE:PLAY Film Festival, featuring work from Shilo, Pistachios and Superfad. Our sincerest thanks to all of them for flexing their creative muscles and contributing to the festival.

Shilo “Still Run”

Superfad “Popcycle”

Pistachios “Guitarist”

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All great, nice videos, fine festival.

Could someone explain to me why Motionographer.com has absolutely no mention of the Offf 2009 festival happening currently in Lisboa, Portugal? It’s probably the biggest motion graphics event in Europe, but it is not even listed in the RESOURCES section.

Justin Cone

Patience is a virtue. :-)


great! more of this*!


Mr Ducroz did a great job on the Superfad one :)


Really enjoyed the Shilo piece. Beautiful, thoughtful, fantastic pacing. Another great addition to their body of work.

Marc B.

Question to Mr. Cone

Were those pieces really created for the F5 event? I really like them but Shilo’s piece is a musicvideo created for an Australian band i read on their site.

Maybe I’m wrong but i was assuming all those pieces were commissioned and created for the F5 event.


quicktime ver?

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