Mr. Hide Merges Man, Machine & Nature for Prius

Mr. Hide and The Sweet Shop have created a fantastical human-scape in this recent spot for Prius via Saatchi & Saatch, LA. For his first spot outside of the Japanese market, Hide brings a strong sense of humanity and visually arresting nuance.

This ambitious testament to the detail-oriented Director is supported by an Art Department and Production team who enlisted 200 extras in 269 costumes to build this cleverly choreographed world. This one is meant to be watched more than once.

On a side note, Mr. Hide’s feature, Donju is set to premier at Cannes.

Title: ‘Harmony’
Client: Toyota
Product: Toyota Prius
Agency, City: Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles
Executive Creative Director: Mike McKay
Creative Director: Andrew Christou
Integrated Design Creative Designer: Ryan Jacobs
ACD/Art Director: Sean Farrell
Art Director: Tito Melega
Writer: Simon Mainwaring
Director Integrated Production/Multimedia: Tanya LeSieur
Senior Agency Producer: Jennifer Pearse
Production Company & City: The Sweet Shop, LA
Director: Mr. Hide
Executive Producer: Stephen Dickstein, Susan Rued Anderson
DOP: John Toon
Art Director: Guy Treadgold
Production Designer: Rick Kofoed
Offline Editor & Company: Nathan Pickles
Online Editor & Company: Avi Oron, Bikini Edit
Post Production: Perceptual Engineering/Fin Design/Brickyard
Production Service Company: The Sweet Shop, Auckland
Global Executive Producer: Sharlene George
Line Producer: Larisa Tiffin
Casting Director: Suzanne McAleer
Sound Design: Human
Audio Mix: Lime Studios

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Astrid Rieger’s Apple on a Tree from 2006

Marc B.

“Let those without sin cast the first stone” – Jesus


Great comment Mate. “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” – Albert Einstine

J.O.S.-Three Letter Art

I am sorry but I think there are no excuses for this rip off.

any excuse is legitimating this shit. there are enough companies who are not relying on reproduction. I would be ashamed if my company would rape young artists like that.

Regarding from a higher point as a human being I have been dressed up with something we ve called common sense and the ability create things in favor for social progress. Regarding as a designer and art director myself I can not define any kind of creative or social progress by stealing a great idea and taking it over to a propaganda film for cars witrhout contacting the real creator to make that job. Therefore maybe we all should be able to cast the first stone and throw it directly in a prius and I think it is something like taking the next step in creative developments meant by einstein not copying and reproducing.

also, excuse me but jesus and einstein would have been with me that this crappy rip off is not about social values but banking accounts.

Finally it has come obvious, the creative crisis.

this is art that hides not secrects but the genuine art itself.

and the end we should call our friends at saatchi and saatchi and cannes to communicate this fraud. while bankers have to go because they sold out the social innfrastructures and econimoc principle of living together, we should force the same with intellectual and creative sell outs.

thank you astrid for beeing a GREAT ARTIST. dont stop making movies. the industry is waiting for YOUR NEXT FLIC!


Low moral level + Lack of originality & creativity + Tremendous talent in stealing ideas from young gifted artists = ARSCHGEIGEN!

ARSCHGEIGEN is a german wide spread word for people like the producers of this poor rip off.

Next time Mr, Hide should hide his sources.

Poor and disgusting.


Wow, this is one of the most blatant rip-offs I’ve ever seen. Unless they paid/worked with the original artist I think this post should either be taken down or re-written to reflect the fraud. I agree, this is poor and disgusting.


The most disgusting thing is the Making Of:

“I have never seen a storyboard / idea, etc…. like this before…. blah blah blah.”

Here the Making Of from Astrid Riegers “Apple On A Tree” from 2006:

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